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Nikon D5

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Nikon D5

Nikon D5 with 50mm f/1.8. bigger.

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Intro   Specs   Recommendations

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Nikon announced the development of the D5 on November 18th, 2015, exactly as I predicted four years ago (see below).

Nikon also announced the development a new top-of-the-line SB-5000 flash and the development of the a WT-6 Wireless Transmitter.

As always these past 50 years or more, Nikon claims the new D5 will offer "an even higher level of performance and image quality." That's all they said, which is essentially nothing.

There's no formal mention of availability or price, but as I predicted four years ago, it should ship in the spring of 2016 for $6,500.


Prediction I made on 05 January 2012:  

There is no Nikon D5, although if I die before it comes out and can't update this page, this will be the link to order it from Adorama. (Adorama has very predicable SKUs, thank goodness.)

It's easy to predict Nikon's new products, since they update them on a regular schedule.

Let's look at history:

Looking at announce, not ship dates:

D1: June 1999.

D2H (there was never a D2): July 2003. That's 4 years.

D3: August 2007. That's 4 years.

D4: January 2012. That's 4 years and a few months, delayed those few months by the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe of March 2011.

This sets the D5 announcement for the winter of 2015/2016, 4 years after the announcement of the D4.

Likewise, the Nikon D5x is expected in the winter of 2016/2017.

This is all easy to predict when you sit back and look at what Nikon's done in the past. For pro film SLRs, the interval between major updates has been 10 years ever since 1959, and for pro DSLRs, Nikon has something new every 4 years.


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ISO 100 - 204,800, with ISO 50 and ISO 409,600 available in stupid modes.

11.5 FPS

51 AF points (21 cross-type sensors.)

One Compact Flash and one SD slot.

Video: 4k/24p, 1080/23.976p and 29.97p, and 720/60p. H.264 B.



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Intro   Specs   Recommendations

For a shoot today, buy the Nikon D4s and be happy.

There's always some next great thing that we can't buy today, so forget about the Nikon D5 until it really becomes available.


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