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August 2016      All Reviews

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Bose QC35 Review

Bose QuietComfort 35.

NEW: Bose QC35 Review.

World's best noise-cancelling headphones, 13 August 2016.


Apogee Groove

Apogee Groove.

NEW: Apogee Groove Headphone Amp & DAC review.

Tiny professional USB DAC and headphone amplifier.


Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 Review

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9.

NEW: ATH-ANC9 Review.

Noise-cancelling headphones ideal for air travel.


ZVOX 670 Review

ZVOX SoundBase 760.

NEW: ZVOX SoundBase 670 Review.


Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650.

NEW: Senheiser HD 650 Review.


audioengine B2 Review

audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker.

NEW: audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker Review.


audioengine B2 Review

Ivation Acoustix Bluetooth & FM Speaker.

NEW: Ivation Acoustix FM & Bluetooth Speaker Review.


Bose QC-25 Review

Bose QC-25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

NEW: Bose QC-25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review. 17 September 2015.


Sony Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 FE Review

Senal ASM-5.

NEW: Senal ASM-5 Review 11 September 2015


Audeze EL-8 review

Audeze EL-8.

NEW: Audeze EL-8 Review 04 September 2015


Fostex CR300.Review

Fostex CR300.

NEW: Fostex CR300 CD Recorder, DAC & ADC Review 08 July 2015


McIntosh MQ 104 Review

McIntosh MQ 104.

NEW: McIntosh MQ 104 Review 15 June 2015


Genelec M040 Review

Genelec M040.

NEW: Genelec M040 Review 10 June 2015


Crown D-150A Series II

Crown D 150A Series II in optional walnut cabinet.

NEW: Crown D 150A Series II Review 10 June 2015


NEW: Why Tubes Sound Better 27 May 2015


Rane ME 60

Rane ME 60.

NEW: Rane ME 60 Review 18 May 2015


Focal CMS 65 Review

Focal CMS 65.

NEW: Focal CMS 65 Review 28 April 2015


Elekit TU-8200 Review

Elekit TU-8200 Class- A Amplifier.

NEW: Elekit TU-8200 Class-A Tube Amplifier Review.


Crown D-75 Review

Crown D-75, in walnut case.

NEW: Crown D-75 Review.

NEW: Rane SP-15 Review 11 April 2015

NEW: Neumann KH 120 A & D Review 27 March 2015

NEW: Dangerous Music Source Review 28 March 2015

NEW: Crown IC 150 Review 06 March 2015

NEW: TubeCube | 7 Tube Amp Review 05 March 2015

Rotel RX-1050 Receiver Review 22 January 2015

Apogee Mic 96k Review 15 January 2015

Apogee One for iPad, iPhone and Mac Review 17 December 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review 19 November 2014

Beyerdynamic A200p Review 19 November 2014

Beyerdynamic T51i Review 15 November 2014

AKG K812 Review15 November 2014

Hitachi HMA-8500 Mk II review 28 September 2014

Audeze LCD-X headphones review 28 September 2014

Technics SH-9020 review 28 September 2014

B&W ASW CDM Subwoofer Review 27 September 2014

Sennheiser wireless DSLR mic review 23 September 2014

AudioSource AMP 100 Review 24 September 2014

Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones review 24 September 2014

NAD 7400 Review 24 September 2014

NAD 7100 and 7100X Review 24 September 2014

Apple AirPort Express Audio Quality 10 September 2014

How to Create a Multi-Room Music System 09 September 2014

How to Create a Large Wireless Network 09 September 2014

Audioengine B1 Review 29 August 2014

Hafler DH-200 Review 29 August 2014

Sony CDP-X303ES Review 21 August 2014

Hafler DH-120 Review 01 August 2014

Logitech Bluetooth Speaker Adapter Review 19 April 2014

HomeSpot NFC Bluetooth Speaker Adapter Review 19 April 2014

Velodyne Wi-Q Subwoofer Review 04 March 2014

How to Connect Subwoofers 04 March 2014


TDK A33 Bluetooth Speaker Review 06 December 2013

Beyer T1 Review 19 November 2013

Beyer T90 Review 19 November 2013

Denon UD-M30 Review 19 November 2013

Musical Fidelity M1PWR Review 01 October 2013

Dirac Live Sound Optimization Software Review 20 September 2013

Bose CineMate Review 06 September 2013

Bose OE Headphones 30 August 2013

Musical Fidelity V90-DAC Review 18 July 2013

AKG K702 Review 23 May 2013

All about the vu indicator (the VU Meter of 1938) 16 May 2013

Audeze LCD-3 Headphones Review 06 May 2013

RHA SA950i Headphones Review 02 May 2013

Velodyne vTrue Headphones Review 02 May 2013

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies Review 09 April 2013


Dirac HD Player review 13 November 2012

The CD: 30 Years of Perfect Sound Forever, also Why CDs Sound Great 01 October 2012

Why Compact Discs Sound Great 01 October 2012

Recommended Discs 01 October 2012

Bass Management.

Why You Need Stereo Subwoofers.

NAMM 2012 Show Report 25 January 2012

CES 2012 Audio News 18 January 2012


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AKG Reviews

AKG Reviews


Apogee Reviews


Arguably the world's best DACs, ADCs and headphone amps, all made in the USA.


Audeze Reviews



Audio-Technica Reviews



audioengine Reviews


clever DACs


audioengine Reviews

AudioSource AMP 100

Remote controlled power amplifier


Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review 19 November 2014

Apple AirPort Express Audio Quality 10 September 2014

iPhone 5 Audio Quality 26 January 2013

Apple iPod Touch 5G Audio Quality 26 January 2013

Apple iPod Touch 5G Review

Apple Mac Pro Audio Measurements

Apple iPad 2 Audio Measurements

Apple iPad Audio Measurements

iPod Touch Audio Measurements

AirPort Express Audio Measurements

iPod Touch Review

iPod Touch User's Guide

Apple AirPort Express Review

A Recording Engineer's Guide to the Secrets of iTunes and iPod


ADCOM GTP-500 II Review

ADCOM Amplifiers


ADS L400 review

ADS L400


ADS L990 custom equalization network


Apt Holman Preamplifier

Apt Holman Preamplifier


Apt Power Amplifier 1 (under construction)

Bang & Olufsen


Benchmark DAC1 HDR Review

Benchmark DAC1 HDR Review

07 June 2012


Beyer Headphone Reviews

Beyer Headphone Reviews


Bose Reviews

Bose Speakers and Headphones


B&W Speaker Reviews

B&W Speakers


dbx Subharmonic Synthesizer (under construction)



Cambridge DacMagic Review

Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Inexpensive, high-performance DAC


23 March 2012



Carver TX-11a Tuner Review

Carver TX-11a Tuner

Hi-Fi AM Stereo and FM Stereo


19 April 2013


Crown Reviews



Dirac Software Reviews

Dangerous Music Source

Monitor controller, DAC and headphone amp.


Dirac Software Reviews

Denon UD-M30 Review


Dirac Software Reviews

Dirac Optimization Software


Elekit TU-8200 Review

NEW: Elekit TU-8200 Class-A Tube Amplifier.


Focal Reviews



Genelec M040 Review

Genelec M040


Hafler Reviews




Heathkit AD-1702 Crossover

Heathkit AD-1702 Crossover



Hitachi HMA-8500 Mk II Review

Hitachi HMA-8500 Mk II



HomeSpot NFC Bluetooth Speaker Adapter Review

HomeSpot Bluetooth Adapter

19 April 2014


HP 209A

HP 209A Audio Generator.



Ivation Acoustix Review

NEW: Ivation Acoustix

24 September 2015


HomeSpot NFC Bluetooth Speaker Adapter Review

Logitech Bluetooth Adapter

19 April 2014


McIntosh Reviews



Musical Fidelity Reviews

Musical Fidelity

M1PWR Review 01 October 2013


NAD Reviews



Neumann KH 120 A Review

Neumann KH 120 A & D Review.




Panasonic VP-7721A Audio Analyzer

Panasonic VP-7721A Audio Analyzer.

(c. 1980)


Phase Linear Autocorrelator

Phase Linear Autocorrelator

(late 1970s)


Quad 34 Preamp

Quad 34 Preamplifier



Rane SP-15 review

NEW: Rane


RHA SA950i review

RHA SA950i Review

02 May 2013



Rohde & Schwarz UPL Analyzer

under construction


Rotel RX-1050 Review

Rotel RX-1050 Receiver

100 WPC, 2002


22 January 2015


Senal SMH-1000 review


Headphones and speakers


Sennheiser HD-800


Professional headphones and microphones


Sony Audio Review

Sony Audio

(Sony camera reviews)


Stax Reviews

Stax Headphones, Earspeakers and Amplifiers

World's best-sounding headphones


Tascam Reviews

TASCAM Reviews


Technics Reviews



Tektronix 764 Review

Tektronix 764

Digital Audio Monitor

22 March 2012



TDK A33 Review

TDK A33 Bluetooth Speaker



TubeCube 7 Review

NEW: TubeCube 7 Tube Amp



Ultrasone Edition 8

Ultrasone Edition 8

Closed Headphones.

World's best for iPod and iPad, and sound great with all recordings and movies.



Velodyne reviews

Velodyne Reviews


Woo Audio reviews

Woo Audio



Zoom H4n

Zoom H4n 02 November 2011



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Getting Great Sound

Sony TC-KA3ES Review

Crown Power Line One Review

Crown Straight Line Two & Power Line Two Review

Monitor Audio Radius 90 Review


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