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Tech Details: Hawaii
19-29 July 2010

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Canon 7D and 18-135mm IS

Canon 7D and EF-S 18-135mm IS.

All I brought for two weeks of shooting was a Canon 7D and a Canon 18-135mm EF-s IS lens. I didn't even bother with a case; why would I if I only brought one camera and one lens?

I used one 32GB Lexar 600x CF card, and started a new folder each day.

I set the Canon 7D to Auto ISO, Auto White Balance and Amber 5 (A5) WB SHIFT. Picture Style was left at STANDARD, however saturation was set to +2 (for people) or +3 (for things).

Most of these shots are exactly as they came out of the camera as JPGs. If I played with them, I'll mention it, if not, it's what came out of the camera.

I cataloged everything using my authentic 2006 copy of iView 3.1.3, which is now called Expression Media and sold by Phase One as of 2010.

iView lets me see everything I shot. I used it to select the good shots. I dragged each to Photoshop CS4 from iView. I used a previously saved action to make each image 768 pixels wide, smart sharpen at 141% at 0.2 pixels, and add my © KenRockwell.com bug with its usual exclusive font and the same drop-shadowing I've been using for years. I Saved-for-Web at 51% quality from Photoshop CS4 to make the images you see here.

After the web-ready images were created, I used Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 to make these pages and drop-in the images. (Adobe Dreamweaver CS2 was awful, but CS5 looks swell.)

Because I set my camera to give me exactly the results I want, I didn't have to do any editing or manipulation; I simply used my preset action in Photoshop to make my final web-ready image in one click. What you're seeing is what came out of the camera without having to waste any time correcting anything. The 7D's LCD is phenomenal: what I see on-camera is what I got, so I make my critical color adjustments at the best time to do it: as I'm shooting.


Camera Settings        top

All the details are in my Canon 7D User's Guide, which I wrote right after I returned from this Maui trip.

I made great use of the 7D Total Recall memories, which I preset to let me swap among banks of settings for each kind of situation instantly.


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