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Junghans Stopwatch
MADE IN GERMANY (circa 1970)

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Junghans Stopwatch

Junghans 1/10-second Stopwatch (measures to 60 minutes in 1/10 second increments, 93.1g/3.285 oz., 54.93mm actual outer diameter, about $100 used). This free website's biggest source of support is when you use these links, especially this link directly to them at eBay (see How to Win at eBay), when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. Thanks! Ken.

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Introduction         top

Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations   More

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This stopwatch it s little-known gem for actual use. While we all have 1/100 second timers on our quartz watches, they require too many button pushes, or are difficult to read. iPhones and iPods also have built-in stop watches, but again, need too many button pushes to find and use them. Dedicated quartz stopwatches are often way too complex, making us work too hard to time what we need to time.

When you're using this in the lab, you need a stopwatch that just goes, and that's exactly what this Junghans stopwatch does.

This Junghans reads directly in minutes, seconds and tenths, and none of the hands cover anything else. Most other 1/10 mechanical stopwatches only read to 15 minutes, while this three-handed Junghans reads precisely to 60 minutes.

With just one button, operation is super-simple, which is what I need in a stopwatch. The only disadvantage of this simplicity is that it goes start-stop-reset, with no ability to restart once stopped before resetting.

Junghans is a top-quality German maker, so to be able to get these used today for just $100 is a steal. New Junghans wristwatches can sell for thousands. Since these are so handy, Junghans sold zillions of them back in the day, so there are plenty available used and the prices are accordingly low.

This is the world's greatest mechanical stopwatch simply because it does exactly what we need, unlike any other:



1/10 of a second is as precise as the human hand can measure, or the mind can fathom (unless you're a drummer).

Most $2 quartz watches read to hundredths, but human perception doesn't.

While electronically-triggered timers may need to be more precise, for a hand-held stopwatch, 1/10 is perfect.


Long-Time Intervals

With a separate minute hand, this Junghans stopwatch reads to 60 minutes, then repeats.

Most other 1/10 mechanical stopwatches only read to 15 minutes before repeating.


Non-Conflicting hands

Other stopwatches use fewer hands that cover each other.

No matter what the setting, this stopwatch's hands are always easy to read.



Mine, bought from some junk collector on eBay, runs precisely to the tenth of a second, and even after an hour, is uniformly fast by only 0.3s, which is easy to subtract out in my head for whatever interval I time.

Other mechanical watches aren't accurate to tenths even after 15 minutes, while this one is consistent and allows accurate 1/10 measurements even at one hour. My other 1/10 stopwatches have been off by one full second after 15 minutes.



Advantages of its mechanical movement are no batteries are ever needed. This sample is 40 years old, and still runs perfectly.

Nothing ever needs to be replaced.


Specifications         top

Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations   More



54.93mm actual outer diameter.




3.285 oz



About $100 used in 2012.


Performance         top

Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations   More

Mine is super-accurate. It's uniformly fast only 0.3s per hour, so I simply subtract a tenth for each 20 minutes of run time, if I ever run as long as 20 minutes and still need 1/10 accuracy.

It runs a few hours between windings.

It makes as much noise as any other 1/10 mechanical stopwatch.

When running, the minutes and seconds hands move continuously, while the tenths hand clicks instantly from one mark to the next.

As I've mentioned, I love how easy it is to operate and read, and its unquestioned accuracy, better then other mechanical stopwatches I've used.


Usage         top

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Wind the top knob gently until it stops.


Press once to start.

Press again to stop.

Press a third time to reset.


When it resets, the movement runs to return the 1/10 hand back to zero.


Recommendations         top

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Want to time things easily? I love this; I keep it in my desk for all my timing needs when testing cameras and computers.

Never open the back unless you're a watchmaker. It needs to be clean, so don't open it which lets dirt, especially that collected in the creases of the case over the years, clog the works.

Don't buy one from anyone over eBay who shows photos of the inside; if they've opened it, God only knows how much dirt has gotten in or what they've done to it. Mine came from a random stranger who didn't screw with it.

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Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations   More

Junghans, Germany.

Mine is the cheap model. Junghans also made a fancier model with 17 jewels, although I fail to see why you'd want it; my crummy one still runs perfectly after 40 years.


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