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New Mexico. © 2001 Ken Rockwell

This sign was designed by John M. Evans in 1963. Today John is a freelance artist in his off hours and a scientific Illustrator for the USGS the rest of the time. In 1963 he was a highschool freshman in Dulce N.M. who had recently moved from Yuma Arizona, where his Dad had been in the Army in the same place my dad was here and here. John was then transfered to the Bureau of Indian Affairs Offices in Dulce New Mexico (culture shock). In 1963, Dulce had one small merchantile store that had saddles for sale, saw dust on the rough hewn floors, and very little in the way of groceries. By summer's end 1963 the local paper, the Jicarilla Chieftan, launched a contest for all ages to submit: 1.) A name to be used on the new Motel, and 2.) A working design for the actual signage. After weeks of sketching and wracking his brain for a name, John submitted the proposal, and won the grand prize of $75.00 (a lot for a freshman in '63). John left Dulce for college in Portales NM and in 1967 joined the Navy (Pacific) in 68. John began his carreer as an Illustrator in 1972 in Boulder Colorado. Today John can be found at www.pdsrv.com and his latest work can be seen at the graphics link.

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