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The F100's Faulty Multiple Exposure, Self-Timer and Drive Mode Selector © 2004 KenRockwell.com

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Nikon F100

Nikon F100 and Nikon 24mm f/1.4. I'd get it here, and check here, too.

One rotary selector selects not only the motor drive modes of Single, Continuous and Continuous slow, but it also selects the self timer and multiple exposure modes.

There isn't much difference between the C and Cs modes in shooting, however the Cs mode selects a much slower and quieter film rewind speed.

There is no separate switch for either the self timer or multiple exposures, as every other amateur camera used to have.

This cost-cutting measure will cause you to waste film and precious photos because it does not automatically cancel the self-timer and multiple exposure modes.

After using either mode the only way to get the camera to reset to the usual modes is to make a concerted effort and remember to return the camera to those modes manually. There isn't even any indication in the viewfinder.

If you do not return the switch from the multiple exposure mode after using it, even a year later the camera will continue to expose all your precious photos on the same frame of film. It give no warning or indication other than by looking at the selector. The only way it usually dawns on you is after you know you must be getting to the end of a roll and notice that the exposure counter has not changed!

If you do not remember to reset the selector from the self-timer mode, even three years later you will miss your important shot because instead of just making the photo when you press the shutter button the camera will wait the self-timer interval to fire. There also is no warning for this.

These errors might be excusable if Nikon had ensured that there were detents or spring tension to ensure that one would not go into these modes unintentionally. Unfortunately one gets into either of these modes just by swinging the selector around past the other drive modes.

I write this today because I just blasted ten images on top of themselves by accidentally setting multiple exposure instead of S mode. I'm a stupider than usual photographer, however if it happens to me it might just happen to you, too.

Be careful.

Even the N65 is much better than this. The N65, like the Mamiya 7, has a separate self timer button.


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