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The Nikon F100's "Err" Messages
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Nikon F100

Nikon F100 and Nikon 24mm f/1.4. I'd get it here, and check here, too.

A minor design flaw of the F100 will cause it to lock-up on rare occasion for no reason. You'll see a flashing "Err" on display and nothing seems to respond.

Nikon knows about this and explains how to clear this error in the instruction manual under the troubleshooting section. Read your manual! It's amazing how many people will read things on the Internet and never bother to read their manual all the way through which has far more useful information.

I forget if it was just pressing the shutter release or whatever, but whatever it was (it wasn't turning the power off and on) it worked fine. In hundreds of rolls of film this has only happened twice, so don't worry about this.

Read your manual!

I also was able to cause this warning when removing a partially shot roll from the camera in a darkroom without rewinding first. Of course this confused the camera and I got the same flashing Err message. Closing the camera's back cleared this right up.


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