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The Nikon F100's lack of Mirror Lockup
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Nikon F100

Nikon F100 and Nikon 24mm f/1.4. I'd get it here, and check here, too.

The F100 has no mirror lockup. Even worse, it doesn't even have a provision for a mirror prerelease as professional Nikon cameras like the FA, FE and FM do.

Even the despised EM has this feature.

Nikon does this to force critical users to have to buy the F5. Since these functions are all controlled by firmware they would not cost anything to have added to the F100.

This means that the F100 cannot be used on a tripod with telephoto lenses with shutter speeds from about 1/30 through about 1 second.

If you use those speeds you will see a vertical blurring on horizontal shots, and horizontal blurring on vertical shots. For examples of this see Andrew Hudson's "Photosecrets" books. He does great work, however many of his shots in print show this blurring as caused by his N70. This effect is worst at about 1/8 of a second, and gets better at very long speeds longer than several seconds because the camera system eventually damps out those vibrations over that period of time. Andrew Hudson bothers most photographers. His work is splendid and he admits to knowing very little about formal photography. He is a genius who gets out and gets killer images instead of wasting his time reading about cameras.


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