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Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
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Announced 22 August, 2005. This new "N" version adds with two minor improvements over the EOS-1D Mk II and lowers the price by $500. That's a big improvement!

See it compared to the Canon EOS 5D here.

This is the standard camera used by pros shooting Canon, like my friend Karl Grobl. He's made untold tens or hundreds of thousands of shots on his in more countries than I can name.

Sports shooters live by it - it cranks at 8.5 FPS!

It sells for about $3,500 - 4,000, body only. It has a 1.3x sensor (lens) factor, and only uses film lenses. The special Canon EF-S lenses, like the 18-55mm and 10-22mm, won't work on the 1D because of its larger sensor.


It's the same as the EOS-1D Mk II and adds:

1.) Deeper 48 JPG buffer

2.) Bigger 2.5 inch LCD screen

The basics of both models are

Sensor size: 28.7 x 19.1mm, 8.2 MP

Frame Rate: 8.5 FPS

You can read the rest here and here at Canon's site.


Excellent I'm sure. I have friends who use the original Canon 1D Mk-II all day for a living and they love it, except for the spotty flash exposure control.


If you have something to shoot now then buy something else, like the 1D Mk-II. See here about managing obsolescence. Canon really ought to come up with new model names for new models. This "Mark II new edition" stuff is grating.

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