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Sony PCM-F1
Portable Digital Audio Recorder (1981-)

Presented in ultra-high resolution.

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Sony PCM-F1

Sony PCM-F1 (16 or 14-bit EIAJ at 44.056 ksps, NTSC or PAL output, 2-channels simultaneous encode and decode, $1,900 new in 1982, about $100 used in 2016). I got serial number 10 in April 1981 direct from Sony, and I've gotten two used later at this link directly to them at eBay (see How to Win at eBay). bigger.

Sony PCM-F1



Sony PCM-F1


Sony PCM-F1


Sony PCM-F1



Sony PCM-F1



Sony PCM-F1



Sony PCM-F1



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Zipper noise is audible at 4 Hz.


It's premphasized. For play-in from a CD player, set 0 dBFS from a 0 dBFS 8 kHz sinewave.

1 kHz too low, and a 1002.7 Hz square is too much.

Once you've done this, the CD-1 fade-to-noise has some distortion at 0:06 at 14 bits, AOK to 0:15 at 16 bits



Dual 24-segment meters rear premphasized digital signal.

Infinite peak hold.




Line output @ 0 dBFS: 0.725 V.



Phones output @ 0 dBFS:

192 mV @ - 24 dB

379 mV @ - 18 dB

0.74 @ -12 dB

1.445 V @ -6 dB

2.755 V @ 0 db



AC-700: 5.2 W off, 6.65 W on but unconnected, 8.0 W connected but off, 34.6W operating cold, 32.6 W warm. No change with signal.

+ is towards heat sink, - is towards audio connectors


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