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Schneider 90 mm f/6.8 Angulon

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Schneider 90mm f/6.8 Angulon

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Mine is from 1953.

Good and cheap and TINY (40.5mm filter thread.) Don't let yourself be fooled; this inexpensive lens is a jewel for traveling light. You can get them for about $100 to $200 if you pay attention. These were made from I think the 1930s until the 1960s. Other focal lengths were made through the 1970s. The 210mm Angulon is an excellent lens for 8 x 10.


Six elements, two groups.

40.5 mm filter thread.

80 degrees coverage (specified).

152 mm image circle, or 4 x 5" with no movements. Covers more if you stop down and pray.

Compur shutter, M (flashbulb) and X sync, V self timer.

Ten-bladed diaphragm stops down to f/32. Your technician can adjust the stop internally to allow you to stop down beyond f/32. Non-linear scale.

Single coated. Earliest versions were uncoated. Simple design should be fine uncoated.


These have no ghosting; feel free to shoot straight into the light.

They have a much larger circle of illumination than circle of good definition, so unlike idiot-proof modern lenses which simply cut off beyond the circle of good definition you can shift the Angulon too much and get really fuzzy results.

They are ultra sharp in the center. The corners will vary from sample to sample. There is a lot of field curvature, so you need to stop all the way down to retain sharpness in the corners.

It's not supposed to work, but I have gotten plenty of shift on my 4 x 5 when stopped all the way down to f/32. See an example made with this lens here on 4 x 5.

These are not as good as the Super Angulon if you need a lot of shift: you actually can get fuzzy corners if you don't always stop down to f/32. I use it only when I need to travel super light. Of course tilting or swinging is no problem.


Get one for backpacking and travel. The 90mm Angulon works as well as larger, newer lenses so long as you're careful with movements.

I use a step-up ring to bring the filter thread up to 52mm.

Stop it all the way down for best results; curvature of field robs sharpness in the corners otherwise.

This is the best wide angle lens for backpacking if you're not the sort of camper who chops off the ends of toothbrushes to save weight.

More Information: See this ancient lens is compared to the very newest lenses, and works just as well.

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