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How to Reset Nikon Image Comments
Why does your Nikon say Ken Rockwell?
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Nikon D810 Rear LCD

Why is my name on your Nikon's LCD?

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Most Nikon DSLRs allow one to save and recall all the camera settings to and from a file on a memory card.

People ask me how I set my camera, so I share my settings files for people to load into their own cameras.

Among the many things one can program into a Nikon DSLR is to record your personal information into the EXIF data of every image file. This is handy because it lets me mark all my files as I shoot them, but it also means if you choose to load my settings into your camera, that you'll also be programming your camera to record my information into your images, too, exactly as my camera does.

This also happens when people buy used cameras. I'm very popular, so many people load my settings into their cameras, so it's not unusual for people to buy used cameras and see my name in their cameras when they play back the files. Worse is when people buy what they think are new cameras from unapproved sources like Worst Buy, and are mystified to see my information on their images as they switch to the detailed data display on playback. This means that the dealer took a returned or demo camera and resold it as new to you — and probably collected a 15% restocking fee from the first owner! Only buy from approved sources.

It's easy to update your camera to your own information, but there are two tricks:


1.) Nikon has at least three places where we can enter this data. You need to update it successfully in all three places, otherwise you'll still see some of my data.

You need to check MENU > SETUP > Image Comment and

MENU > SETUP > Copyright, and under Copyright, you have to check both the Artist and the Copyright settings.


2.) Just like the "Simon Says" game, Nikon cameras ignore any changes to this information unless you press OK and then select and click the DONE and OK buttons. If you don't do all this additional DONE and OK work for each of the three locations (it varies by model), it will ignore all the time you just spent trying to enter your own information!


Therefore, you need to check in at least three places, and in all of these cases you need to be careful to be sure you tell your camera to save the data.


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