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Nikon F7
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Nikon F7

The Nikon F7 (artist's prototype). enlarge. I get my goodies at Ritz, Amazon and Adorama.
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July 2008      More Nikon Reviews


Ritz Camera

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The D1 was an F5 with digital guts.

The exquisite F6 is a D2x with a hole for film.

The D3's finder and AF system is so far beyond the D2x and F6 that I hope Nikon will make us an F7 out of D700 and D3 guts.

If we ask Nikon nicely enough, maybe they'll do this. Money talks, and if Nikon is listening, I've got cash waiting for an F7, along with cash for a pocketable camera like the 35Ti with an FX sensor.

Arrigato, Nikon and Yoshida-san.



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