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Nikon Capture NX v1.3
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March 2008

It still doesn't work like a real program. When I open the program, I can't quit it either by going to the drop-down menu (Quit is grayed-out) or CMD+Q. I first have to seek out and close the junk panels that opened, which then lets me quit the usual way.

January 2008

OK, so you all twisted my arm, especially since it came free with my D300. Here's how you get it for Mac:

1.) Go to Nikonimglib.com/ncnx and download the trial version and manual, which just happen to be v1.2. Nikon also points out that if you're on OS 10.5 you're screwed; NX 1.3 only works on OS 10.4.

2.) A new disc image appears on the desktop. I copied the UNINSTALL item to my Capture folder which I created in my Applications folder before I started.

3.) If I copied the INSTALL file to my folder and click, it asks for my password, and then nothing happens. I clicked on the item in the new disk on my desktop, it asked for my password, and then really did install.

4.) Now you have a demo copy of v1.2. Open it, and it asks for the product key. Rifle through the printed junk in your D300 or D3 box (presuming the outside of the box has a blue sticker saying "Free NX") and find a white card in 37 languages that has no numbers on it. Look al over, and the correct card has a piece of black or, even more devious, white, tape covering the activation code!!!! Peel off the tape and enter the code.

5.) Now it asked if I want the 1.3 update. Duh, say yes, and off it goes.

6.) Now I open Capture, yeah!

Ok, well not exactly yeah. It's slow on my quad 2.5 GHz G5, OS 10.4.11, 4.5 GB RAM

The user interface is ugly: often it's small aliased text.

It doesn't default to save files in the same folder from which they came - I have to go find it. it saves them to the folder it last used.

Whine, whine whine. I live and even dream in Photoshop, so anything outside of that to which I'm accustomed always takes me a while to figure out. My immediate interest in Capture is simply to see if D3 NEFs can be any sharper than the JPGs.

Capture NX 1.3 Trick: Apocryphal information suggests that one can apply the new, wilder D3 and D300 Picture Controls to every other NEF file. In other words, others have told me that one can open NEFs from any older Nikon and have them match, as close as possible, the look from the the newer cameras. I still need to load NX and se for myself; too busy shooting lenses on my D3. I shot about 10 ultrawides and all the pro midrange zooms against each other today and need to format the comparisons for you.

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