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GE Quartz Aircraft Landing Light

General Electric GE Q4559X Landing Light

GE refers to this as the 'work horse of the industry' because it is used on so many commercial aircraft today.

The original sealed beam landing lamps were developed for aircraft during World War II. A commercial unit, known as the 4559, was introduced in 1954 and is still sold today. As years passed, aircraft manufacturers and operators demanded a brighter lamp and longer life. As a result, GE developed a halogen version of the 4559, known as the Q4559X. The Q4559X provides 25% more light output and lasts 4 times longer than the 4559.

The primary features of the Q4559X product are the Tripod Mount and the Heli-Spud filament mount. These two GE-invented features help to make the quartz inner lamp and tungsten filament less susceptible to the intense mechanical shock and vibration that a landing lamp application experiences. There are also a number of proprietary features about the inner lamp "Chemistry" that make it the best in the industry. Made in the GE Lexington Lamp Plant, in Kentucky, the Q4559X is the shining light of the industry maintaining the highest quality. In fact, other manufacturers have attempted to make this product but have failed to deliver a product able to withstand the test of time or to meet the quality and robustness standards that GE has maintained over so many years.

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