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Sony PCM-601ESD
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Sony PCM 601

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Measured with the Rohde &Schwarz UPL. The traces are color coded for the Left Channel and for the Right Channel. When they don't lie on top of each other, it's due to channel imbalance.

Measured analog-in to analog-out, 16-bit encode-decode via NTSC video mode:

Sony PCM-601

Frequency response 20 - 20,000 Hz.


Sony PCM-601

Frequency response 20 - 20,000 Hz. (expanded scale)


Sony PCM-601

Frequency response 10 - 20,000 Hz. (even more expanded scale)


Sony PCM-601 LF FR, with AC coupled gen, really -14dB at 0.2 Hz

Frequency response 0.2 - 20,000 Hz.


Sony PCM-601

Frequency response 20,000 - 22,050 Hz.


Sony PCM-601

THD vs. level at 1 kHz.


Sony PCM-601

Gain linearity vs. level.


Sony PCM-601

Gain linearity vs. level. (14-bit mode)


Sony PCM-601

Right Channel phase relative to left.


D/A Converter Only (SPDIF In --> Analog Out)

Sony PCM-601

DAC THD vs. level, no deemphasis.


Sony PCM-601

DAC Right Channel phase relative to left, no deemphasis.

As expected, it's expecting inputs from a time-multiplexed ADC, so fed a more modern signal, the Right channel is delayed about 12.1 µS from the left, the same as moving the right speaker 2/3" (16mm) further away from your ear.


Output Levels


Full analog-digital-analog feedthrough, with demphasis at 1 kHz:

Output at 0 dBFS: 1.340V RMS left, 1.377V RMS right.

MOL at 0.1% THD: 1.358V RMS left, 1.391 V RMS right.


Fed from digital source, no preemphasis

0 dBFS = 1.4017V RMS left, 1.4353V RMS right.



at 0 dB FS, digital in, no demphasis 0.00094% left, 0.00175% right.


A-weighted output noise

left: 80 uV (-81.99 dBV) RMS, left: 37.7 uV (-88.55 dBV) RMS

(14-bit: left 86.5 uV (-81.22 dBV) RMS, right 49.65 uV (-86.27 dBV) RMS)



PCM-501ESD was similar, minus the SPDIF interfaces.


Sony PCM 601




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