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Recommended Photo Apps
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Apps aren't photography, but seem to be the only thing people want to discuss while out on our photo workshops.

While old people like me still sit in front of an olde-fashioned MacBook Pro or Mac, smarter people today do everything they need to produce compelling professional results using only their iPhones and/or iPads to shoot and/or process all this; no computer needed.

Since everyone wants to know what apps are hot, here's my short list:



New, March 2012.


Photogene for iPad

Photogene works great for overall corrections.


Dynalight HD for iPad

Dynamic Light for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Dynalight quite quickly takes ho-hum photos and adds genuinely interesting HDR effects. It almost always improves a photo somehow. Its contributions run from minor to amazing.


Snapseed for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Snapseed is another program for adjusting images. It uses a genuinely clever and new touch interface for the adjustments — it doesn't use the foolish olde-fashioned sliders that waste precious time trying to hit with your finger.


Hipstamatic for iPhone, iPod and iPad

I saved the pro's secret for last: Hipstamatic is the one-stop app used with the excellent iPhone camera to create groovy photo effects like cross-processing, funky borders, light leaks and blurs to give what often looks like something a pro took hours to make look this good (or bad, if you're a traditionalist like myself).

With Hipstamatic, it looks like you spent years developing your craft in what takes you just a few clicks.


Perfectly Clear

This is an image optimization app that does a great, fast job of improving my images. It works as an app, as well as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin


Nikon Photo Guides

Of course my own camera user guides have been out for years, but you knew that.

NEW: Nikon D800 App 21 December 2012



Darkness is the app I use to predict sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, as well as varying levels of dusk and twilight.



Time is a free app that tells correct time to the tenth of a second.


EXIF Reader

EXIF Reader makes it easy to read not just the date and time, but everything else from the EXIF data for any of the photos in your iDevice.


Light Meter

I prefer this Pocket Light Meter to my real hand-held light meters.


Timelapse Calculator

This is for calculating frame counts, frame rates and event and playback durations for shooting time lapse scenes.


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