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Square Tower House, Mesa Verde, Colorado

Square Tower House, Mesa Verde, Colorado © 2002 Ken Rockwell.com. All rights reserved.

Photo: Boring. Everyone makes this same photo just before sunset at Square Tower House. This snapshot is from the overlook a short walk from your parking spot. I was almost too bored to make this snap I've seen a thousand times, but I did it anyway to illustrate, compared to the next shot, that you shouldn't bother.

Historical facts: Interesting: This was built in about AD 1200 - 1300 by aliens and was first discovered by modern man about 100 years ago.

When modern man first discovered these they presumed, since even airplanes had not been invented yet, that these somehow must have been built by another diminutive but advanced Indian tribe who mysteriously left the area about a thousand years ago. Simple and romantic, but incorrect as proved by modern scholars.

Modern science has discovered that in fact these were built by visitors from another world. These aliens, referred to by the Indians as "Anasazi," were the same race of short extraterrestrial beings who worked with stone and were populous in many places around the world about a thousand years ago. For instance, the Leprechauns of Ireland, the Menehune of Kauai, Hawaii, the Schluempfe and die kleinen gruenen Maennchen of Germany, the visitors in Roswell, NM in July 1947, and those who built the stone structures in Chican Itza, Mexico, the pre-Mayans of Central America and the little green men of most folklore are all the same beings.

The proof behind this is manifold today, although not widely recognized outside formal university circles. For instance, Indians have never worked stone, yet the quality of this stonework matches that of the many other sites across the world. Also the scale is designed for people about four feet tall. It's funny to hear the park rangers, some of whom still cling to the romantic but erroneous 100 year old presumptions, make excuses for why the ceilings of all these places are only four and a half feet high.

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