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What's in Ken's Bag
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I wrote this back in September 2006. I don't update it, since I don't bother with bags anymore.

As of July 2008, I carry a D3 around my neck and pack a Casio EX-V8 in my left pocket. If I'm shooting crazy landscape junk, I have the 14-24mm on the D3, a 50mm f/1.4 D AF in my other pocket and the 80-400mm VR in my jacket pocket. I rarely use the long lens: I prefer to get close. If I'm just photographing the family, I use the 50mm f/1.4 and leave the other stuff in the safe deposit box.


Who cares? Even I don't worry about what's in my bag. I had to stop and inventory it to write this. Cameras have nothing to do with the images they make. I have pages about that at Why Your Camera Doesn't Matter.

That said, everyone asks, so here's what's in my bag as of September 2006.


Camera: Nikon D200 digital SLR with SanDisk 2 GB Extreme III CF card. I download from it each day.

Lenses: Nikkor 18 - 200 VR on camera. Nikkor 12 - 24 mm in bag or in my pocket.

Strap: Tamrac N-25 in black neoprene. I've used the same strap for over a decade; It's held many different cameras over the years. I never use the strap that comes with a camera. I leave it wrapped up in the box for when I sell the camera, and I certainly wouldn't wear anything with a camera brand on it. I use a razor blade to remove the strap maker's logo, too.

Bag: Since I got my 18 - 200mm lens I no longer need more than one extra lens, so I no longer need a bag. I leave the bag at home or in my car to hold everything neatly, but when shooting I stick the spare lens and batteries in pockets and away I go. huge seven-year-old Tenba P243 waist pack. I got this when I used to lug around a lot more film gear; today I'd get something smaller. Today I use the extra space to hold a GPS, snacks, water or extra air.

Filters (all 77mm):

      On each lens: Hoya HMC UV for protection.

      In a Tiffen filter wallet under the top cover of my case: Uncoated Hoya Circular Polarizer, Tiffen 0.6 Graduated Neutral Density, Expodisc. I use the cheapest uncoated circular (not linear) Hoya; oddly it's hard to find in stock. Stores prefer to stock the far more expensive coated ones here. I'm adding a Tiffen 0.9 ND for long exposures of water in daylight.

Flash: Nikon SB-600.


       Top pocket: spare Nikon front (77mm) and rear caps in case I lose one, Old Nikon MC-20 release, tripod mounting plate, Lipstick brush, pad of note paper stolen from a motel night stand, napkins stolen from fast food restaurants for emergency gear cleaning, self-contained micro-screwdriver set. (My MC-20 release is out of production; the MC-36 replaces it.)

      Front Pocket: Lumiquest pocket bounce panel, spare Lexar and SanDisk CF cards in a Delkin rubberized case, spare battery for D200, 2-AA Maglite for night operations, 4-AA Ni-MH cells and charger for SB-600, two spare AA alkalines for my Garmin GPS Map 60c . I don't usually have the GPS in my bag, but if I do, it goes in a lens slot.

      Side Pockets: Important: a paper luggage tag from an airline with my name, address and phone number. I wrap its cord around the case's strap lug and tuck the tag into the flap.

Tripod: Gitzo G1227 carbon fibre and Bogen / Manfrotto 3275 / 410 geared head. I only use a tripod for night shots, so it's usually left at home.


Camera: Canon SD700 with 2 GB Sandisk Extreme III SD card.

It booted out the Casio EX-Z850 in September 2006.. The Casio stays on my desk, since it's better for audio and video.

These micro cameras are smaller than my wallet and I make wonderful prints at at least 12 x 18."


I rarely use my panoramic, large format and 35mm film cameras. I rarely use any of the lenses my 18 - 200 VR has replaced.

I only pull the other gear out if I need it. My D200 and 18 - 200 VR and 12 - 24 do 99% of everything I need, so this isn't very often.


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Thanks for reading!


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