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How to Win at eBay:
Delivery Times

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The best way to predict how quickly your stuff will arrive is to look at the seller's feedback percentage.

It's almost with glee that I predict delivery times based on these feedback percentages.

The best sellers always ship immediately, while the crummier sellers can take a week to run out of cigarettes and have to put on their pajamas and go drop off the item at the corner liquor store for shipping.

High-scoring sellers, like in-the-same-time-zone angelo225544 (100%) have always gotten my items on my door the very next day.

Don't let international boundaries lower your expectations. ian.hobday (100%) has gotten items to me all the way from Osaka, Japan in just a couple of days, while low-scoring sellers more than once have taken 2 weeks to ship me someone else's item, and expect me to drive it to UPS for their convenience and wait another two weeks for my item, which then arrives damaged.

I've never had to pay good sellers extra for prompt shipping. In fact, I asked NatCamNic (99.9%) if I could pay extra for next-day delivery to meet a deadline after I'd won an item, and they FedEx expressed it to me at no extra charge. Don't expect this (I got lucky and was a repeat customer), but good sellers usually do what it takes to make customers happy.

Everyone screws up now and then. What makes a good seller good is that if they screw up, they make it right. I bought something from carypawn, and it got shipped to the wrong guy. Carypawn took care of getting it to me, and then refunded half my purchase price as an "I'm sorry" for getting it to me a week late. Yay!

Now that you're waiting for it to arrive, what about warranties?


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