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Use on Film Cameras
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Nikon 12-24mm Tokina 12-24mm Sigma 10-20mm Tamron 11-18mm

Nikon 12 - 24 mm f/4, Tokina 12 - 24 mm f/4, Sigma 10 - 20 mm f/4 - 5.6 and Tamron 11 - 18 mm f/4.5 - 5.6.
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None of these lenses are authorized for use on film cameras. All of them will cut off the corners at their widest settings.

Don't buy any of these unless you have a digital camera. There are much better lenses for film cameras, like the excellent Nikon 18 - 35 mm.

If you are curious how they might work as a spare lens on a spare film body read on.

The Nikon, Tamron and Tokina will work on film cameras at the middle to long settings.

The table below refers to what I see through the finder. I won't know if the Tamron and Tokina are sharp in the corners on film until I get my film back. I know the Nikon works extremely well from 17 - 24 mm on my F100 from previous tests.

The Sigma is useless on a film camera at any setting. It always cuts off the corners at every setting.

Performance on a 35 mm Film Camera

Film Camera Performance
Excellent at 17 - 24 mm
OK from 17 - 24 mm
Cuts off corners at every setting.

14 mm: Almost perfect. Some falloff and softening in far corners.

15mm: No falloff, but some softening in the far corners.

18mm: fine!

14 mm is actually an extraordinarily wide angle for a 35 mm film camera. This is a neat secret trick of the Tamron.

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