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Schneider 65mm f/8 Super Angulon Test Review

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Mine is from 1967. It has a chrome barrel.

It's tiny and good. These f/8 Super Angulon lenses have been made with the same design since the mid 1950s in different focal lengths and only went out of production in the mid 1990s. This 65mm was produced at least through 1970. I made this multiple award-winning shot with it here.


Six elements in four groups.

49mm filter thread.

100 degrees.

152 mm image circle, just enough for 4 x 5" without shifts. No free lunch, you get full coverage for 4x5 with maybe a couple of mm of wiggle room and then it simply goes black.

Tiny sub-0 Compur shutter: B, 1 - 1/500. M (flashbulb) and X sync, V (self timer)

Five bladed diaphragm with clicks at half stops to f/45.

It takes a Schneider #1 center filter.


Like all f/8 wide angle lenses, it's almost impossible to see through and compose due to the slow speed and extreme angle of view. This only affects how easy it is to use on ground glass, not the final photographed image.


This is the tiniest 65mm lens that covers 4 x 5." I find it tough to focus, just like all f/8 superwides. Since it covers 4x5" (100 degrees or 152 mm image circle) it easily covers 6 x 12 cm panoramic, with complete movement. Anyone want to put a 6 x 12 back on this lens for me? I have the helical focusing mount to make an instant panoramic camera!

I had mine overhauled in 1996. Jim LaMariana at Schneider did a great job; it looks like it just came out of the box.

I replaced it, and my 90/4.5 Nikkor, with a 75 mm to save weight.

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