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Rodenstock Sironar-n 180mm f/5.6 Test Review

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Mine was made in 1980. I bought it used about 1991 and still have it today.


Six elements, four groups.

58mm filter thread.


Copal #1 shutter, T, B, 1 - 1/400.


It's a marvelous lens. It's not my favorite focal length and of course bigger than a 150mm lens. I used this when my 150 broke right before a trip, otherwise it stays home.

As all of these lenses, it's insanely sharp. The brilliant artist Joseph Holmes told me that this is one of his favorite lenses for ultra sharpness.

It has no distortion or ghosting.


By all means go get one of these if you want a 180mm lens. It offers flawless performance. I see no reason to buy whatever the newer model lens is, unless you are shooting some much larger format and need even more coverage.

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