Olympus TG-5

50'/15m 4K Underwater Camera

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Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5. (8.8 oz/250g with battery and card, about $449.) Comes in Black and in Red. bigger. I'd get mine at Adorama, at Amazon, at B&H or at Crutchfield.

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Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5. bigger.


Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5. bigger.


Olympus TG-5

Olympus TG-5. bigger.



Adorama Pays Top Dollar for Used Gear

B&H Photo - Video - Pro Audio


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This new TG-5 updates the TG-4, adding a thermometer. The TG-5 should start shipping in June 2017.



● 12MP Hi-Speed Image Sensor                    

● Field Sensor System adds a thermometer to the previous GPS, depth gauge & magnetic compass.



● Waterproof to 50 feet / 15m                    

● Crushproof to 220 lbf/100 kgf                    

● Shockproof from 7 ft /2.1 m                     

● Freezeproof to  14⁰F / -10⁰C                     

● Dustproof                     

● Anti-Fog Lens with Sealed, Dual Pane Glass to Prevent Condensation

● 4K Video Capture                    

● 1,080p 120 FPS High-Speed Video                    

● PRO Capture Mode for Lag-Free Shooting                    

● 4 Macro Modes: Microscope, Microscope Control, Focus Stacking, and Focus Bracketing                    

● 4 Underwater Modes: Underwater, Wide, Underwater Macro, Underwater Snapshot, and Underwater HDR                               

● Built-in Wi-Fi for Remote Shooting and Wireless Sharing                    



4.4 x 2.6 x 1.3 inches.

113.0 x 66.0 x 31.9 millimeters,



8.8 oz/250g with battery and card.



17 May 2017.


Promised for

June 2017.




Micro USB cable

Hand Strap

Instruction Manual

Warranty Card

LI-92B Li-ion battery

F-5AC Li-ion Battery Charger    


Price, USA

$449, May 2017


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17 May 2017