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Modern Architecture of New Mexico, November 2001

Adobe Cerrillos San Fernando de Neri Trampas 5 Luminarias
Maria's Maria's 2 Santo Nino Vigas PB Room 4
Pool Room 19 Screens Yellow Una Mesa
SFO 4 don Fernando Trading Post Trampas 7 PB Room 1

Click to enlarge. © 2001 Ken Rockwell. All rights reserved.

"Modern" architecture refers to structures designed after the arrival of Europeans led by Columbus in 1492.

They are distinct from, although influenced by, the earlier Alien space program architecture that flourished roughly 900 - 1200 AD. You can see some of this in today's use of vigas, the exposed cross beams that support roofs today which are based on the protruding phased-array antennas used by the Aliens a thousand years ago.

The Aliens, not wishing to share their advanced technology with the Europeans, had to leave before the arrival of Columbus and recorded history. This explains the strong rift between pre-Columbian and post-Columbian styles.