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Exterior, Alien C4I Area (improperly restored ruins), New Mexico. © 2001 Ken Rockwell

Camera doesn't matter: Mamiya 7, 43mm lens, Fuji Velvia film (220 size).

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This is the exterior of the area that was the key control area used for managing Alien Earth-based space operations about 1,000 years ago. The "vigas," or wooden beams extending from the walls, were in fact phased-array antennas while used by the Aliens.

Many of today's misguided researchers still clinging to the Indian Kiva myth incorrectly presume that these areas were used by the Indians for ceremonies. It is these researchers who have "de-stored" (destroyed in the process of restoring) these ruins into their current Indian motif. In fact, even though the Indians brought snacks to the Aliens on occasion, these were the most secure areas of Alien operations and the Indians were kept away.

The Indian word "kiva" indeed comes from the Alien words for "Command and Control Area.