Nikon TC-14E III

1.4× Teleconverter

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Nikon TC-14E III

Nikon TC-14E III (6.5 oz./184 g, about $497). I got my TC-14E III at Adorama. I'd just as well have gotten it at Amazon, at Crutchfield or at B&H.

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The Nikon TC-14E III multiplies the focal length of your lens by 1.4×, and makes the lens one stop slower.

See my original TC-14E review for more specifics about these.



Top   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

Performance   Compared   Recommendations

The TC-14E III only works with Nikon's long professional teles, as well as the 70-200mm and 80-200mm AF-S lenses.

The TC-14E III only works with Nikon's AF-S lenses, and only with lenses without an aperture ring.

It won't work with any lens with an aperture ring, which are the original AF-I ultra-teles of the 1990s and Nikon's older pro AF-S lenses, since this -III converter lacks the mechanical feeler needed to couple the aperture ring to the exposure meter. Use the original TC-14E or the -II with these lenses.

It won't work with older screw-type AF lenses; they'll be manual focus only, and it won't meter with any lens with an aperture ring.

Here's Nikon's table with the explicit details.



Top   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

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7 elements in 4 groups.



2.5" diameter × 0.9" length between flanges (64.0 x 24.5 mm).



6.490 oz. (184.0 g.), measured.

6.7 oz. (190 g), rated.



Made in Japan.


Price, USA

November 2015: $497.



Top   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

Performance   Compared   Recommendations

Performance depends entirely on your lens and your camera.

This TC has very little to do with the equation; its performance is superb, but only as good as the optics of your lens, and autofocus will depend on how recent is your camera.

It works great with superb lenses like Nikon's f/2.8 super teles.

You're pushing it with zooms.



Top   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

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The Nikon TC-14E III is essentially the same thing as the original TC-14E and TC-14E II, just with different cosmetics. This III adds a rubber ring at the back, but removes the mechanical linkage needed to use this with lenses with an aperture ring present in the first two versions.



Top   Intro   Compatibility   Specifications

Performance   Compared   Recommendations

I still use my original, which is compatible with a wider range of lens types.

TCs rarely are useful; they greatly magnify problems and make everything darker. I prefer to crop from unconverted images.

Therefore, I prefer this mild 1.4× converter to 2× converters which rarely work well.


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