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Nikon D7000 Guide:
Recent Settings Menu

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Nikon D7000

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Press MENU, go to the left and select the bottom RECENT SETTINGS menu.


What it Does

This menu magically remembers the settings you adjusted most recently.

Sadly it's not that smart, and for some items, like FORMAT, you'll still have to find them in the SETUP menu.

It has two styles. We select which of these two styles we prefer at the bottom of the list in either style.


Recent Settings (default)

By default, the D7000 simply remembers most of the menus you've used, in the order you've used them.

This is very handy, especially after you've been shooting a while, as the items you use the most often are going to be at the top of this list by magic.


My Menu

If you prefer, this option lets you define what's in this menu, and the order in which everything is displayed.

If you're a heavy user as I am, you'll love this menu because you can set it up to do whatever you want.

Set the Function Button to "Top Item in MY MENU" and now the Fn button will bring you immediately to whatever you've set as the top item in this menu. Once you're here, tap OK and you're back at the rest of your MY MENU menu, and click left and you're into the rest of the entire menu system, all with one hand!

I set these in my MY MENU menu:


Set Picture Control

The U1 and U2 modes are helpful as I have each set to a different picture control.

This gives me fast access to different settings when I'm in the P, S, A or M modes, which work separately from U1 and U2.


Battery info

Even though the battery lasts for thousands of shots, I prefer to see the exact to-the-percent life left in my battery.


ISO sensitivity settings

Nikons still aren't smart enough to change the slowest shutter speed in Auto ISO dependant on lens focal length and VR status, so I use this so I can set it myself.

I use 1/125 for people and action, 1/60 otherwise, and 1/8 for VR wide lenses.


Storage folder

I only use this when shooting lens comparisons and need to drop different lenses into different folders for the sake of sanity when sorting.


Image Size

I have U1 and U2 set for different sizes, however the P, S, A and M modes still need to be set separately


Non-CPU lens data

This is for when I use my classic manual-focus NIKKOR lenses.


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