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Nikon D200 User's Guide
© 2006 KenRockwell.com

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Want free live phone support? In the USA, call (800) NIKON-UX, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How to Get Here

Press MENU, scrolling to the left and selecting the bottom option which has an icon resembling another menu. You'll then see RECENT SETTINGS on the color LCD.

What it Does

This is a menu which contains the menu items you've used recently. It updates itself automatically. You can lock or erase this menu from the Set Up Menu.

What I Do with It

This feature helps immensely, since Nikon hides so many important menu items in weird locations.

It contains the last 14 menu items you've set. For me it's where I get to ISO Auto. I set ISO Auto all the time, so it's usually on the top of this menu. This saves me from looking around in the other menus, since I forget where it is.

The bad news is that this menu only recalls the items from most of the Shooting Menu and the Custom Setting Menu. It ignores settings made in the Playback Menu and Set Up Menus and some settings from the Shooting Menu and Playback Menu.

I look at the Battery Info in the Setup Menu often, but this isn't stored in the Recent Settings menu. Sorry; I wish Nikon would reorganize all the D200 menus so they made sense.

That's it! Go make some great pictures!


My D200 User's Guide continues below.

It took me two months to write this D200 User's Guide. No one pays me anything. If you find it as helpful as a book you might have had to buy or a workshop you may have had to take, feel free to help me share more.



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          a Autofocus

          b Metering/Exposure

          c Timers/AE&AF Lock

          d Shooting/Display

          e Bracketing/Flash

          f Controls


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