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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Scanner Test Review
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I have not seen better. This scanner sees right down into the darkest part of a chrome. The 16x multiple sampling really does clean up whatever noise is there if you care. This only matters if you have a poor slide in which you need to bring up the levels of the dark areas.

The shadow noise is smooth and benign, not nasty and streaky as other scanners.

In 16x multiple scanning I can see (if I deliberately tweak the levels) some single pixels that are a lighter green than the other pixels in the shadows which leads to some extremely fine horizontal green lines. I don't worry about this.

Something is blooming a little, and the overall noise level will vary in the vertical direction with the brightness of the slide. In other words, there is a little more noise vertically where the slide is lighter.

There is a little bit of flare, just like all desktop scanners, if you tweak the levels too much and look for it.

You will only see any of this if you are scanning either grossly underexposed or poorly lit slides for which you need to bring up the dark areas a lot, and then only of you really know where to look.

To any normal artist the shadows look great! I just know how to make the scans look awful enough to see these things. These things are much worse (or clipped off as in the Nikon along with your shadows) on other scanners.

Vuescan really improves this even further. Try it if you are into scanning poorly exposed slides.

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