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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Scanner Test Review
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Resolution is excellent. The scanner actually resolves to the claimed resolutions, and with a little bit of aliasing, even a bit better than claimed.

The resolution and sharpness is so good that I can see details in the scans that I cannot see with a 22x loupe or projected, even with the Leica Colorplan lens on my projector. Why is this? Simple: most monitors display at about 75 DPI. Make a scan at 4,800 DPI and display it at 75 DPI and you have a (4,800 / 75) or 64 times magnification. That is the magnification of a microscope! Of course you will see more at 64x on your screen than you will through a 22x loupe.

You therefore will see mild unsharpness in your slides through the scanner before it becomes apparent through the loupe you normally use to check sharpness. Don't be so fast to blame the scanner for unsharpness if you see it in the scan but not through the loupe.

Here's what I measured in 120 format. Remember that the scanner really is only rated for 3,200 DPI in this format. Resolution will be higher in 35mm; probably 95 lpmm if I had a target in 35mm.

From a TMax 100 negative on which I could see at least 90 lpmm with a 22x loupe:

4800 DPI: 63.5 lpmm or 3226 DPI. Surprisingly, the slow 4800 DPI setting really does give better results.
3200 DPI: 57 lpmm or 2900 DPI (adding USM lets me see 63.5 lpmm or 3226 DPI)
2400 DPI: 45 lpmm or 2263 DPI
1600 DPI: 36 lpmm or 1828 DPI
1200 DPI: 25 lpmm or 1270 DPI with visible aliasing on test charts

Aliasing allows one to see detail at resolutions above what one would expect, which is why the actual resolution at some scanner settings is greater than the image structure. See these terms explained on my technical scanner pages

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