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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Scanner Test Review
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PERFORMANCE: Levels, Highlights and Exposure

This again is excellent. You won't appreciate how good this scanner is if you haven't used other scanners before, since this scanner works as it should and most scanners don't.

The shadows are exactly at the levels they should be. On the Nikons the shadows are too black and lack detail because they are clipped at digital zero. On the Microtek 1100 the shadows are too high, at about level 11 out of 255. At least with the Microtek you still have shadow detail, however the Minolta saves you the time of having to click the black Levels eyedropper on the edge of the image each time.

The highlights are also right where they should be.

I don't know if this is just the way my scanner was set at the factory and I got lucky, or if every sample is this good, or if the scanner calibrates itself every scan. All I know is that my levels are dead on, saving me from having to set black and white points by hand.

Of course if my transparency was underexposed I have to compensate in the Photoshop Levels command by moving the right slider to the left. I have not bothered to see if setting "auto expose for slides" to ON if that would save me that step. It just might.

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