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Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO Scanner Test Review
2004 KenRockwell.com
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Most people new to scanning don't realize how critical the film holders are. They are critical to getting sharp scans, saving you time while scanning and protecting your film from damage. The film holders are often more critical to good scans than the differences between scanners.

The Minolta film holders are excellent.

The 35mm mounted slide holder is excellent, as are the slide holders for many scanners.

The glassless 120 holder gives fuzzy results, like most glassless holders.

The glass 120 holder is superb. It holds the film flat and has no problems with Newton rings. I suggest throwing away the glassless holder and always using this one. It has special anti-Newton ring glass and inserts for the popular 120 formats.

Neither 120 holder requires cutting normal file strips of 120 film, another great advantage.

The 35mm filmstrip holder seems like all the others. I only tried it once and it worked fine.

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