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Minolta 4000 AF Flash
MAXXUM Autofocus system (1985-)
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Minolta MAXXUM 4000 AF Flash (4-AA cells, 28-70mm zoom head, GN 40 meters, 131 feet at ISO 100 at 50mm, for Minolta MAXXUM cameras, 17-7/16 oz./495g empty, about $10 used).


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The Minolta 4000 AF flash was announced in 1985 for use with the new MAXXUM 7000 and other MAXXUM cameras.

The 4000 AF is a high performance medium-large flash. It has an automatic zoom head, swivels in two axes for bounce and a backlit LCD on its rear. Its performance is high, with a built-in infra-red AF illuminator, a great standby circuit so it can be left on all the time and modern thyristor circuitry for super-fast recycle times, however the early MAXXUM cameras weren't very smart in terms of exposure flexibility and sync speeds.

The 4000 AF may work on the newest Sony Alpha cameras, which descend from MAXXUM.

The 4000 AF uses a standard hot shoe. Minolta and then Sony used a screwy new shoe from about 1988-2012, and Minolta made adapters so that this flash will work on the slot-style hot shoe.

The 4000 AF has a long 15 minute standby time-out. It goes to sleep all by itself after 15 minutes, and wakes up with your camera. Therefore it's AOK to leave it turned on all the time.

Beside more power than the 1800 AF or 2800 AF, the 4000 AF adds manual power control, as well as bounce and a zoom head.


Specifications         top

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Power Output

Rated guide number 131 feet (40 meters) at ISO 100 with zoom head at 50mm.


Exposure Modes

TTL and manual.


Lens Coverage

Zoom head automatically covers 28 to 70mm lenses.

Wide adapter covers to 24mm lenses.


Program Mode Distance Range

Program mode forces f/2.8:

2.3 to 46 feet at ISO 100 at 50mm.


AF Illuminator

3.3 to 23 feet range.

1 to 7 meters range.


Power Source


Rated 90 to 2,500 shots on alkaline.

Rated 40-500 shots on 1,000 mAh Ni-Cd.

Rated 80-1,000 shots on 2,000 mAh Ni-Cd.



Rated 10 to 0.2 seconds on alkaline.

Rated 6 to 0.2 seconds on Ni-Cd.



Automatically goes to sleep after 15 minutes.

Wakes up as soon as a MAXXUM camera wakes up.



Rated 3-1/4 x 5-11/16 x 4-1/16 inches.

Rated 82 x 144.5 x 102.5 mm.



Rated 17-7/16 oz. (495g) empty.



Made in Japan.


Price, USA

May 2013: about $10 used.


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Intro   Specs   Performance   Compared   Usage   Recommendations   More

The 4000 AF is a medium-large flash for use with MAXXUM cameras. It offers twice than twice the power of the 2800 AF and adds bounce and zoom head, but the 4000 AF is much larger.

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