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Mercedes GLK350
2015 model MADE IN GERMANY
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Ryan and the GLK350, 05 Sep 2014

Mercedes 2015 GLK350.

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2015 Mercedes GLK350 dashboard

Mercedes GLK350 dash. Bigger.


Ryan and the GLK350


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Ryan loves the GLK350.

Earlier models felt cheap and buzzy compared to the top-of-the-line GL550, but this new 2015 GLK is smooth, quiet and nimble.

Even better than the GL550, the GLK350 is MADE IN GERMANY.

The GLK350 feels great. The steering wheel is wonderfully smooth leather, and the ride is tight and smooth as well. The ride isn't luxurious compared to Mercedes sedans, but for a utility vehicle, it's very quiet and comfortable.

By default, the engine stops when you stop, and starts as soon as your foot leaves the brake, so there's never any waiting. If you're not used to this, press the ECO button on the dash, and the motor always runs.

For an economy SUV, the GLK350 is a winner. If you're comparing it to lesser brands, know that the reason many of us prefer Mercedes today isn't always for the vehicle alone as it was 20 years ago. Today, the Mercedes dealer support is second to none, so when your time is valuable, you appreciate that if there is a problem, the dealer makes it go away fast. Our dealer, Hoehn, always fixes whatever needs attention fast, does it right the first time, and always completes it on schedule without breaking anything else. When you bill your time by the hour, you can't afford not to drive a Mercedes-Benz.


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