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Mercedes E430 Trunk
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E430 Trunk Light Switch (roll mouse over to see a trick)

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Trunk Light Trick

Pull out the little switch to turn off the light. You can leave the trunk open all the time without running down the battery. This saves me from having to close the trunk every time I return home, and then open it again to load before leaving.

Center Console Release Switch and Light

Mercedes Trunk Release

Pull up on the switch to pop open the trunk. It will fly open all the way.

The switch is stupid-proof. It doesn't work while moving. It will keep ignore you if you hold it up while coming to a stop. It only works if you pull it while stopped.

The red light comes on when it is open.

The light only comes on when the trunk light is on. Turn off the trunk light in the trick above and the red light on the switch extinguishes.


The trunk is typical Mercedes. There are two small slots on left and right to hold smaller items without them flying around an otherwise flat floor. The optional CD changer lives in part of the left slot.

Trick: If you want to leave the trunk open overnight, pull out the light switch located on the left bottom of the raised lid. It will reset automatically when closed, or push it back in to turn the on light.


The spare is a full size, speed-rated full service spare. No need to have to stop and get an expensive run flat replaced, or discover that all you have is a dangerous donut instead of a real spare tire. If you have a flat you can drive for thousands of miles until you find it convenient to repair the other tire.

The spare is designed as part of the rear crumple zone. It provides resistance if some moron drives into your E430. I know: someone did that to me in my 190D and the tire got squished when the car became a foot shorter! I had to let the air out to remove it when we totaled it.

The spare comes on a special light-weight, full-size wheel. THe wheel is rated for use for 12,000 miles. Even though it's not rated for millions of miles like the regular wheels, I cant' see why I'd ever need to run on a spare for more than 12,000 miles. I could get a flat on my way out, and drive across the USA for two complete round trips with mileage to spare. I would think I would have the time to get a tire serviced some time before 12,000 miles, heck, I get my tires rotated more often than that!

Tool Kit

There is a tool kit wrapped in blue cloth in the center of the spare.

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