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2014 Mercedes C250
Sport model, 201 hp, 1.8 litre turbo 4
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2014 Mercedes C250

2014 Mercedes C250 Sport. enlarge. I'd get it at this link directly to them at eBay (see How to Win at eBay).

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2014 Mercedes C250

Rear, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.


2014 Mercedes C250

2014 Mercedes C250 Sport. enlarge.


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The Mercedes 2014 C250 Sport is an unusually nice little car. While just about Mercedes cheapest car, it's much nicer than many of Mercedes other cheap cars have been. Sticker price new with typical options is about $40,000.

This car here is the Sport model, which is usually less plush than the Luxury version with the star on the hood. Even this Sport model is very smooth and quiet! It's a solid, nimble, fast, comfortable and well-made car.

The 1.8 liter 4 cylinder turbo engine is powerful, but with only 4 cylinders, a bit of a chugger at idle.

There is leather and wood all over. The seats are Mercedes classic MB tex, a magic material as comfortable as leather but more durable than life itself.


2014 Mercedes C250

Cloth headliner and sides, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.

I am especially impressed with the fit, finish and quality of materials all around. Everything seems as nice as on the S-Klasse, and the C250 is MADE IN GERMANY, not made in the USA like the GL550.


2014 Mercedes C250

Multiple weather seals, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.

The doors have multiple seals for an ultra quiet ride.


2014 Mercedes C250

Shifter, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.

It has a 7-speed automatic.

The manual shifter is perfect: just poke the lever left or right at any time for instant manual shifting. There's none of the stupid multiple motions into another gate or flippers on the steering wheel baloney of lesser cars; in the C250, manual shift is instantaneous and right in your hand.


2014 Mercedes C250

Control stalks, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.

The controls are reversed, with the cruise control under the main control lever.


2014 Mercedes C250

Center stack, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport. enlarge.

It uses the same switches as every other current Mercedes.

The radio display is a smaller screen than on larger models. It's easy to tune by feel, but you have to pull over to look at the screen to change from AM to FM.


2014 Mercedes C250

Tail light, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport.

Headlights are excellent halogen projector beams. There's no front fog lights, and there is a rear fog light.

The daytime running, tail and license plate lights are LEDs.


Ryan climbs in through the trunk of the 2014 Mercedes C250 sport

Folding rear seats, 2014 Mercedes C250 Sport. bigger.


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