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Mamiya 23 and Super 23
Press Cameras

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The Mamiya 23 cameras are from the 1960s.

These were cheap attempts to win the press market away from Graflex and Linhof, and then Rollei.

The Mamiya Press cameras were poorly made, and the optics were only so-so.

I had a Mamiya standard 23 camera. The lens was pretty mediocre and the mechanical construction was second rate. By second rate I mean things fell off. Just look at a Rollei and a Mamiya of the same vintage and you'll see what I mean.

These press cameras have interchangeable backs and lenses. The only catch is that I never found any dark slide for mine and as far as I know it's a hoax: you loose a frame every time you change anything.

In 2004, you could get a complete 6x7 or 6x9 cm (2x3" as referred to in the model number) camera and lens for a couple of hundred dollars. For that $195 you'd have a camera capable of producing images far better technically than ant 35mm or digital camera.

In 2010, since all medium format cameras now sell inexpensively, I'd not bother with the Mamiya 23.


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