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Huge garage, new roll-up sectional insulated door with opener and a very wide driveway makes access a breeze. The garage sets this apart from all the other complexes with garages on separate levels, detached garages or none at all.

There's plenty of room for a washer, dryer, two large luxury automobiles, two motorcycles, three bicycles, a nine-foot surfboard and more storage. The insulated door keeps the garage at an even temperature year round should you be concerned with storing your prized concours Ferrari or Bugatti. Kenmore high-capacity washer and dryer is included.

The garage is about 232" deep and 203" wide and additionally has a space about 3 x 9 feet for the laundry and an additional 14 feet wide by 41 inch deep storage area to the right.

La Jolla Mesa Estates enjoys a much wider driveway than more dense developments, allowing owners the luxury of access without the multi-point turn gyrations endured my owners in lesser areas like Renaissance.