Ha Ha!!!  Not to worry, this site is still run by silly me all by myself as a hobby to help everyone.  Many, many thanks to everyone who has been sharing your generosity which goes directly to helping me write more for the site.

I do this all for the fun of sharing, which to me is why we invented today's internet. Remember when web pages were loaded with links to other fun sites like the one here about April Fools hoaxes? Here's a short history of the holiday and here's a page in French.

Sorry, no review of the new Nikon D2X yet. Here's the status on the trademark application. It has a 24 x 36mm CCD (no mag factor from 35mm film) with 24.8 megapixels and can run 5FPS with a 25 image buffer. It's in the same housing as the D2H and should retail for about $3,500 starting in August. This is why Nikon has had so few product introductions over the past two years, this is really worth waiting for!

Many thanks for reading, hee hee!

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