For as long as Man has existed, Man's curiosity has led him to wonder about things that he could see, but that he could not touch.

For over 400,000 years, men have dreamt about traveling to the moon.

Man's imagination grew large enough that he was able to conceive, design and build a ship in which he could complete that journey.

Forty years ago today, men flew a ship that they had built, which had left the planet Earth four days earlier, and landed it on the surface of the Moon.


And then they got out.


Today we commemorate the power of over 400,000 years of Man's imagination.

Today we remember the day that Man learned that absolutely nothing is impossible.

As a child eventually learns how to pull a chair over to climb up to a countertop, for the first time in all of Man's history, Man had learned how to climb up to another celestial body.

Man had reached a new chapter in his development.

It is forty years ago today that we learned that the only limitation to how high we can climb is the depth of our imaginations.

We learned that the most powerful thing Man has ever created is not the Saturn V rocket, but the unbounded power of our imaginations.

This is why we take today as a new holiday, Imagination Day. On July 20th each year we pause to imagine where we would like to go next and what we would like to accomplish. We pause to remember that we have no limitations except for those which we impose on ourselves.

We take this day to remember that everything we have ever created or accomplished is because that thing was first envisioned in someone's imagination, without which it would never have happened.


Moon Launch


Apollo 11 Launch

The Moon, 20 July 1969.


Apollo XI Commemorative Exercises 



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