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Fuji Fortia 50
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Fuji FOrtia

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There are two kinds of Fortia. Neither is available in the USA, they are for Japan only.

Fortia 50 was introduced on July 22nd, 2004. It has never been sold in the USA. I have some sent to me by some great readers in Japan.

Fortia SP came out in April 2005, again only for Japan. When someone in Japan is kind enough to sneak some out to me I can comment on it. I'm told that SP stands for SPring, and comes out for cherry blossom time, and it's really only for flower photos. Odd. We'll see when I can get some.


Fortia 50

From my tests of Fortia (regular) I don't like it that much. Greens are wild, wild, wilder than Velvia 50 or anything. I see an overall green cast. The contrast is even higher than Velvia 50, and higher still in highlights. Fortia's highlights easily blow out. I plan to try to rate it 1/3 stop faster than Velvia 50 and see if that helps. I still prefer Velvia 50.

The uses for Fortia, based on my limited experience, are for use in dull light attempting to pull something out of nothing with added contrast. The even higher contrast of Fortia 50 will make it even more difficult to use in the contrasty light I prefer.


Fuji's Information

See Fuji's info here which I'm told says (please feel free to correct the translation):

Let's play with colors!

Here is a new field of possibilities for reversal films. An extremely vivid reversal film for a very sustained color rendering. A film you will use when you want to obtain dramatic effect, and for the days you want to play with color.

Very « strong » colors rather than « natural » colors

Fortia characteristics 1
The « green » of plants. Rather than natural color, cyan gets reinforced.
Flowers render with very strong Magenta. Red, magenta, pink flowers will get
intense color rendering.

Blue sky rendered with a taste of magenta. When the weather is great, you
will get results close to PL effects.

Fortia characteristics 2
Very sensitive to colors temperature. Sunset sky gets purple-red, cloudy sky
and shadows will get a blue looking.
Artificial lighting colors will be also dramatically rendered.



Fun to try, but I'll stick with traditional Velvia 50 and new Velvia 100 instead.

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