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Epson R-D1x (R-D1xG)
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Coming April 9th, 2009     



Ritz Camera

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The Epson R-D1x is a rangefinder (non-SLR) digital camera with a small 6MP DX sensor and a 2.5" LCD. It uses Leica mount lenses.

You have to peer through a separate internal viewfinder to compose and focus, just like a disposable camera. You can't see through the lens. Focus is manual only.

Who cares? It's still only a 6MP DX sensor. I'd rather shoot a real camera like the Nikon D40.

If I'm going to screw with rangefinder cameras, it had better be full-frame.

There's no joy in holding Cosina-style bodies, but there is pleasure in holding a real Leica M, even the earliest M3, which is full-frame.

Note the total "who cares" model number: D1X. Whoo hoo!

Luckily for us, this camera isn't likely to be introduced outside of Japan.


More Information:

Epson, Japan's Reference page on the R-D1xG

Epson's R-D1xG Specifications (reduce your browser's font size to read it)

Epson's R-D1xG Press Release, pre-dated for April 2009



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