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Canon EOS D60 Test Review
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OBSOLETE since March 2003. It was replaced by the Canon 20D instead. If you really want a Canon 60D, here is the direct link to them at eBay where they sell for about $250 as of 2011. (see How to Win at eBay).


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The Canon D60 was introduced at the end of March, 2002.

The D60 was always on backorder and sold for about $2,300.

The D60 replaced the D30 which came out in October 2000. THe D60 was replaced by the 10D introduced in March 2003 at $1,500.

The D60 is a 6MP digital SLR that works great, but not as well as the Nikon D100 in terms of the very important ease and speed of use.



6MP: 3,072 x 2,048.

EF lens mount. (will not work with modern EF-S lenses.)


1.8" LCD



Image quality of most DSLRs is about the same. That's not how you select among cameras. Speed of operation and ease-of use are how you choose.

I found this camera confusing with more menus than I'd like. I passed on it due to that. Hey, you may be different once you learn it.

It's slower on playback than the Nikons. Each time you move to the next image it's fuzzy on the screen till the camera reads the rest of the file a second later. That sounds trivial, but just like the D30 and 10D it slows down your ability to see what you shot. The Nikon DSLRs let you scroll instantly through what you've shot.

I never could figure out which button to hit to zoom in the playback.



Get the 20D instead.


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