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Canon EOS 5D compared to the 20D
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Full EOS-20D report

Full EOS-5D report

explicit comparison: 20D to Nikon D70

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Compared to the 20D the 5D Adds:

Big 2.5" LCD versus the 20D's puny 1.8" LCD.

More pixels. No big deal, 20D makes images 3,504 pixels wide and the 5D makes them 4,368 pixels wide. See my page on The Megapixel Myth.

Deeper buffers. 60 JPG vs. 23. I've never needed more than a 20 frame buffer anyway.

Spot meter. I've never used this.

Compared to the 20D the 5D Loses:

$1,900 out of your pocket. That buys a lot of travel to interesting photo locations. You can buy more than two 20Ds at $1,400 each for the price of one $3,300 5D.

No flash. You'll need always to have a full sized one on top of the camera for most uses.

Only 3 FPS, not 5 FPS

No stupid scene modes. No problem.

Lenses: Can't use EF-S lenses like the 10 - 22 mm ultra wide. The expensive Canon 16 - 35 mm on the 5D gives the same result as the 10 - 22 mm on the 20D.

AF Assist: No annoying AF assist beam. Then again, it probably doesn't need it.

Size and Weight: The 5D is somewhat bigger and heavier than 20D. 6.0 x 4.4 x 3.0 inches (152 x 113 x 75 mm) versus the 20D's 5.7 x 4.2 x 2.8 in (144 x 106 x 72 mm). The 5D is 4.3 ounces (122 g) heavier than the 20D.

Other Differences

The 5D has an oversized sensor for less noise and less depth of field. Wide angles are about the same since you can use the 10 - 22 mm lens on the 20D but not on the 5D. Telephoto angles of view are always wider on the 5D since it uses exactly the same telephoto lenses as the 20D. This is a matter of personal taste.

Flash sync is slightly worse in the 5D at 1/200 vs. the 20D's 1/250.

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