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Code Talkers Exhibit, Kayenta

Code Talkers Exhibit, Burger King, Kayenta, Navajo Nation © 2002 Ken Rockwell.com. All rights reserved.

I kid you not: this is the biggest tribute the Navajos ever got for winning World War Two for us and bringing lasting peace to the entire free world. This is located in a Burger King restaurant.

In case you didn't see the movie "Wind Talkers" with Nicholas Cage, the Navajos used their verbal skills to allow us to send critical tactical battlefield information to our Marines while preventing the Japanese from decoding these messages in WW II. The Japanese were able to decode all the messages we sent otherwise, so we reserved the Navajo for the most crucial.

We owe our country to the Navajo for at least four reasons:
1.) They allowed us to test our nuclear weapons in their country so we knew they'd work properly when called to.
2.) They allowed us to mine the uranium to create these vessels of peace from their country.
3.) They mined this uranium for us without protective gear or health insurance.
3.) They loaned us their linguistic expertise as above.

These gifts allowed us to prevail in conventional warfare against the Japanese and also allowed us to create nuclear weapons with which we restored freedom to Japan and the world.

Without the Navajo we probably would all be speaking Japanese or German, and all the Navajo got from us for their efforts was an exhibit in a fast food restaurant.

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